15 - 06 - 2022

The winner of the Perfect Piece Award 2022

freundin perfect piece award für BOCCIA TITANIUM

BOCCIA TITANIUM has won an award! At the Perfect Piece Award of the lifestyle and fashion magazine “freundin”, we were once again able to win in the watch category.

“A Perfect Piece must be timeless yet modern, have top quality, fit perfectly and be worth its price” are the criteria for the fashion award.
The model 3327-10 from the Melba series convinced the independent, high-calibre jury: “A very beautiful, fine case made of pure titanium, it is super thin and finely polished,” said Valentina Milakovic, jury member and fashion director of “freundin” about the gold-plated watch with a Milanaise bracelet. “It goes with festive outfits just as well as with jeans and a T-shirt.”

The musthave was presented in issue #9 of “freundin” and parallel in the online magazine.